About Us

LDR Motion Systems - Industrial Quality Without the Industrial Price


The LDR Advantage

We focus on building products that demonstrate intelligent motion for precise and accurate cuts. This is where our name comes from, LDR Motion Systems. Using lean manufacturing principles, we are able to build industrial quality CNC plamsa cutters, CNC pipe cutters, and CNC routers for a fraction of the cost that our competitors offer.  All of our products are manufactured in the United States of America.

We build everything from small plasma cutting tables to large CNC plasma pipe cutters that can handle up to a  4000 lb pipe. We use the machines we build daily, so we are not only builders, but users also. In fact many of the parts that we use on our plasma cutters, pipe cutters, and CNC routers are manufactured using our own machines.


Industrial Quality

We understand you are purchasing a CNC machine because you want to increase your production output while lowering your production costs. Our machines are designed to be a work horse.  Cut after cut, our machines will continue to work for you.  The machine itself is a solid welded structure giving you strength and rigidity that will last.


Exceptional Pricing

That's right, our pricing is exceptional.  Our customers are almost awe-struck when they learn LDR machines are a complete unit at almost half the cost of our competitors.  We do not achieve our exceptional pricing by cutting corners though.  We run a very lean shop, focus on low overhead, and building great products.


Amazing Support

We offer an in-depth library of video tutorials to help you understand your machine and how to use it.  This allows our customers to work with their machine at their own pace, on their own time.  If you still get stuck, we are only a phone call away.  We also offer unlimited on-board training if you pick the machine up at our shop.

Have Some Questions About LDR Products & Available Options ?

Give us a Call.  We'll help you find the right machine and options to fit your specific needs.