Pricing Calculator: FC-6624 Tube & Pipe Cutter

Cut Round, Box, Angle, & Channel

Prices include everything except plasma cutter.  We do provide discounted OEM pricing for Hypertherm Plasma Systems, when purchased with a machine. 

All software, electronics, computer, torch interface, and complete table is included. Free Onsite training is provided if machine is picked up at our shop.

CNC Pipe Cutter - POS - Front Close-Up

FC-6624 Pricing Calculator

Pipe & Tube Cutting Machine
Available Options for Tube & Pipe Cutters
Hypertherm Plasma System
Please Note: The Powermax 65, Powermax 85, and Powermax 105 are now only available with the Hypertherm Powermax SYNC system. All machines include 25\' Machine Torch
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