Product Specification Sheet: Standard CNC Plasma Table

SD Plasma Table

Standard CNC Plasma Table
  • Very capable entry CNC Plasma Table
  • Completely welded, not bolted
  • Heavy solid structure and light gantry to allow fast accelerations yet solid base to dampen vibrations
  • Easily hand removable slats, installed in a wave pattern
  • Air operated water table. Uses compressed air to adjust water level, changeable in seconds, no moving parts
  • Water table is removable via fork lift or crane for repair/replacement
  • Gantry travels completely out of the way of cutting deck, to allow overhead loading of sheet stock
  • Min 1” over travel on x axis of purchased machine (61” on a 60×120 for example) useful as many hot rolled sheets are actually wider than the nominal named size
  • Torch can manually be tilted left or right
  • 620 oz/in stepper motors on all axis (2 motors slaved on Y axis)
  • Precision 3:1 gearboxes on X and Y axis
  • 5TPI ballscrew on z axis
  • 20pitch 20PD gear rack and 1” pinion on x and y axis
  • pinion gear solid engagement in gear rack, not spring loaded
  • Precision linear bearings on all axis
  • Over temp control electronics
  • Digital torch height control, set via gcode
  • Torch height control has sample and hold feature
  • Torch height control has velocity antidive
  • Simple 120volt ac 15 amp power requirements
  • Ethernet cable communication for all components
  • Modular electronics, no “single” high dollar board
  • computer with loaded licensed software included
  • Simple single circular plug interface to Hypertherm unit
  • All software included
  • Uses separate cad, cam and control software, allows for much more flexibility than proprietary software
  • Can import dxf from any cad, included or customer provided
  • CAM software allows for detailed cutting rules, features usually found only on high dollar
  • Systems, such as corner slow down and auto dthc on/off depending on entity length

Built, Manufactured, and Supported in the U.S.A.