CNC Plasma Tube Cutters & Pipe Cutters

CNC Pipe Cutter - POS - Front Close-Up

FC Tube & Pipe Cutter

Cut Round, Square, Rectangle, Angle, & C-Channel

4" x 4" Model

6" x 6" Model

Max length: 24'

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Tube & Pipe Cutter Overview

CNC Pipe Cutter - Side View - POS
Smooth glide motion
CNC Pipe Cutter - POS - Front Close-Up
Industrial encased design
Plasma Table Bearings
Recirculating square style linear bearings
Plasma Tube Cutter Clamps with Box Tube
Self centering clamps (exclusive in-class)
Plasma Pipe Cutter - Pipe Chuck Holder
Round, square, rectangle, angle, and c-channel

Pipe Profiling and Interior Feature Cuts

A few sample profiling and feature cuts

Industrial quality without the industrial price

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