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LDR Motion Systems CNC Plasma Cutters

How Will an Industrial CNC Plasma
Table Help Your Business Grow?

Efficiency - CNC automation exponentially increases your production capacity while lowering your production costs

Rapid Prototyping - Conceptualize an idea in CAD, bring it to life quickly with your plasma cutter.

Precision - Perfect cuts time after time, whether your goal is mass production or intricate designs.

Speed - Plasma cutting tables can consistently and quickly cut out piece after piece without slowing down.

Versatility - Can handle a number of metal thicknesses, complex designs, and different material types.

Safety - Mechanized cutting separates your workers from the torch, decreasing the chances of work related injuries.

How Will LDR Motion Systems Help Your Business Grow


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Plasma Tables

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About Our CNC Plasma Tables

  • Intelligent Technology. We focus on creating precise and fluid movements. Hypertherm completes the package.
  • Adaptable Mounting System. Mechanize a plasma torch, router, scribe, exacto knife, just about anything.
  • No Expensive Surprises. Everything you need  to begin cutting is included: hardware, software, torch... everything.
  • Easy Material Loading. Gantry travels out of the way so you can quickly load material and resume cutting.
  • No Assembly Required. Completely welded and Industrial strength. No parts to loosen or rattle.
  • Air Bladder Water Table Option. Adjust water level with air pressure. By far our most popular choice.
  • Both Sides of Gantry are Driven. Make work easier and get more range from your table.
  • Digital Torch Height Control is Standard!  $2,500 expense on many other machines. A must have for artwork.
  • Handles Different Thicknesses. Cut any type of flat stock material and a wide range of thicknesses.
  • One year warranty on complete system.

Plasma Table Components and Features

Let's Find the Right Plasma Cutting Table for You...

Custom Table Sizes are Available on Request

4' x 4' Plasma Cutting Table

Perfect for small spaces or small stock


4' x 8' Plasma Cutting Table

Cut more pieces or longer stock


5' x 10' Plasma Cutting Table

Best Value. Cut More Material on Every Run


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