5’x10′ CNC Plasma Table

5'x10' CNC Plasma Cutter

When you need to maximize production or cut oversized stock, our 5'x10' CNC plasma table is the right option for you.

  • 4'x4' Table = 16 sq ft cutting capacity
  • 4'x8' Table = 32 sq ft cutting capacity
  • 5'x10' Table = 50 sq ft cutting capacity

Our 5'x10' table allows you to load numerous pieces, extended length material, and cut more pieces with every run.

Any manufacturing or fabrication shop knows that production costs drop with every manufacturing step that can be eliminated.

Need a larger table?  Tell us about your specific production needs.  We can build a table to any size or specifications.

Don't forget, all of our machines have a number of add-on options including scribes, routers, rotary pipe cutters, and more.

Table Styles & Available Options

1. Air Bladder Water Table

This system uses compressed air to raise and lower the water level.  Much more effective at reducing warpage and collecting smoke and grit than just a water tray.  You can easily change the water level to your desired height via shop air.  No pumps, no moving parts, and cheaper than our competitors water tray which requires adding water or draining water to change water level. This is by far our top seller.

2. Down Draft Ready

This system is comprised of a full metal skirt and bottom, below the cutting area. Customer must supply blower and duct work to evacuate fumes outside.  Your attached vacuum will pull the grit through. We can assist in sizing blower.

3. Slats Only

This system comprises cutting deck only. Any grit will fall straight through the slats an onto the floor. Good choice for the beginner who wants to get in a plasma table at the lowest cost.

Plasma Table Options

Available Options for CNC Plasma Table

Take Advantage of OEM Pricing for Hypertherm Plasma Torches

Hypertherm Plasma Torches have led the industry for quality and innovation. Hypertherm is the brand that so many manufacturers have learned to trust for a quality plasma torch.  We are official OEM suppliers for Hypertherm Plasma Torches.

Plate markers, otherwise known as Pneumatic Scribes, are a great option to mark individual components.  The plate marker attaches to same x-axis back plate. You do not need to remove torch to use it. Seamlessly integrated with your software, just pick the “plate marker” tool when generating cutting paths and the computer takes care of the rest. Great for marking logos or part numbers.

*The Plate Marker tool must be built into your machine on the original order. This tool cannot be added to your machine after it is built.


We can provide a 2.25HP Porter Cable router, with custom control screen/profile mounting plate and clamps fully wired and ready to run. Other size routers are available.


This system comprises a rotary headstock, pipe/tube support, all electronics and software so you can cut round stock. Can be mounted on side or front of machine.




Head Stock

Oxygen Acetylene RelayThis allows you to use an oxy torch on thicker plate. System comes with all software/custom macros and wiring. We do not provide solenoid, torch, or gas lines.

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