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How Will an Industrial CNC Router
Help Your Business Grow?

Efficiency - CNC automation exponentially increases your production capacity, while lower your production costs.

Precision - Don't worry about perfect manual layouts and jigs for every piece. Our software will take care of that.

Speed - Cut pieces, drill holes, and profile edges faster than you ever have. Experience perfect execution every time.

Versatility - Drill, cut, and profile pieces quickly with the available Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) option.

Safety - Load your pieces, step away, and let the machine do the work. Numerous manual steps can now be automated.

Design Options - Create intricate and detailed drawings, and quickly create a bring your design to real life.

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  • CNC-Router-Auto-Tool-Change-Full-View
  • CNC-Router-Side-View
  • CNC-Router-Auto-Tool-Change-Front
  • CNC-Router-Front-Right
  • CNC-Router-Auto-Tool-Change-Side
  • CNC-Router-Front-Left
  • CNC-Router-Auto-Tool-Change-Back
  • CNC-Router-Front-Center
  • CNC-Router-Auto-Tool-Change-Chuck
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  • CNC-Router-Auto-Tool-Change-Bit-Holder

How Will LDR Motion Systems Help Your Business Grow?


Competitive Pricing

Pricing our competitors can't match


Industrial Strength

Our CNC routers are built to last


Amazing Support

We understand the importance of support

About Our CNC Router Tables

  • Intelligent Technology - We focus on intelligent technology with precise and fluid movements, for quality cuts and profiles
  • No Expensive Surprises - Includes all hardware, software, and other necessary components.
  • 3-D Software - Full 3-D software is included
  • CAD - Use almost any type of CAD software: Auto Desk, Solid Works, or the CAD program you prefer.
  • Industrial Strength - Completely solid and welded structure.
  • Servo Motors Standard - High performance servo motors are standard with our CNC Routers.
  • Cut Different Material - Cut solid wood, plywood, composite board, plastic and other types of flat material.
  • One year warranty on complete system

CNC Router - Add-Ons & Options

  • T-Slot Deck - Hold Material Down with clamp in t-slots. This is your most cost effective deck, but requires more manual work to secure material.
  • Vacuum Deck - Material is held down with vacuum air pressure. Eliminates the need for t-slots. We can build you a table with both options also.
  • Standard Router - Machine can be designed to use a standard router or with an Automatic Tool Changer
  • Available Automatic Tool Changer - Spindles that can hold several tools with automatic tool change. Save time manually changing cutter tools. Let your software do the work, and grab the cutter, drill, or profile tool you need.
  • Chip/Dust Collector - Keep production moving and reduce clean up time with a chip/dust collection system. Also help to keep the air cleaner.

Automatic Tool Changer

Take your cabinetry, woodworking, or sign making business to the next level. Automatic tool changers greatly increase the efficiency and production capacity of your CNC Router.
  • Best option for production and efficiency
  • Perform multiple cut types with one setup
  • Automatic height measurement and offset
  • More efficient: No manual tool change needed
  • Computer controlled variable speed
Ask about the benefits of Automatic Tool Changing with your CNC Router.

Let's Find the Right Router Table Size for You...

(custom sizes available on request)

48" x 48" CNC Router

Our 4'x4' router tables are the perfect machine for small spaces and smaller stock. Incredible production capacity in a compact machine.

Production Deck Space = 16 Square Feet

48" x 96" CNC Router

You'll find much more value in our 4'x8' CNC router. Simply put, more table space allows for more production and cut pieces in a single run.

Production Deck Space = 32 Square Feet

60" x 120" CNC Router

The best value for your money. If you are looking for the most production capacity for your dollar, this is the machine you want.

Production Deck Space = 50 Square Feet

Have some questions or need some help finding the right CNC Router & Options for your shop

Give us a Call.  We'll help you answer any questions you might have.

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