Industrial CNC Plasma Cutter

LDR Motion Systems Industrial Plasma Table

HD Plasma Tables

HD 4800

4'x8' Industrial Plasma Cutter

HD 5100

5'x10' Industrial Plasma Cutter

HD 6120

6'x12' Industrial Plasma Cutter

Includes all the features manufacturers and production shops would expect

Heavy Duty CNC Plasma Cutters

Expand Your Machine Capabilites with Options like Rotary Pipe Cutter

Heavy Duty CNC Plasma Cutters

Rotary Pipe Cutter Attachment - Video Cover
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Oxygen Acetylene Relay

Cut thicker plate on your plasma table with an Oxygen Acetylene Relay. This allows you to use an oxy torch for thicker plate. System comes with all software/custom macros and wiring. We do not provide solenoid, torch, or gas lines.

Hypertherm Plasma System

Hypertherm Plasma Torches have led the industry for quality and innovation. Hypertherm is the brand that so many manufacturers have learned to trust for a quality plasma torch.  We are official OEM suppliers for Hypertherm Plasma Torches.

Air Bladder Water Table

System uses compressed air to raise and lower the water level.  More effective at reducing warpage and collecting smoke than standard water tray.  Easily change water level with a standard air compressor.  No pumps, water lines, or moving parts. Lower cost than competitors water try, which requires manually adding or removing water to adjust level. By far, a top seller among customers.

Industrial quality without the industrial price

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