CNC Plasma Tables

Standard Plasma Table - POS 02

SD Plasma Tables

SD 4400

4'x4' Plasma Table

SD 4800

4'x8' Plasma Table

SD 5100

5'x10' Plasma Table

Tremendous performance for small machine shops, artists, and educational programs

Standard Features for SD Plasma Table

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Quality plasma cutting requires consistent torch height...

Digital Torch Height Control (DTHC)

Standard Plasma Table - POS 02
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Increase your machine's capabilities with available add-on's and options

Available Options for CNC Plasma Tables

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Oxygen Acetylene Relay

Cut thicker plate on your plasma table with an Oxygen Acetylene Relay. This allows you to use an oxy torch for thicker plate. System comes with all software/custom macros and wiring. We do not provide solenoid, torch, or gas lines.

Hypertherm Plasma System

Hypertherm Plasma Torches have led the industry for quality and innovation. Hypertherm is the brand that so many manufacturers have learned to trust for a quality plasma torch.  We are official OEM suppliers for Hypertherm Plasma Torches.

Raiser or Lower Water Level with Standard Air Compressor

Down Draft Ready

This system is comprised of a full metal skirt and bottom, below the cutting area. Customer must supply blower and duct work to evacuate fumes outside.  Your attached vacuum will pull the grit through. We can assist in sizing blower.

Slats Only Frame

This system comprises cutting deck only. Any grit will fall straight through the slats an onto the floor. Good choice for the beginner who wants to get in a plasma table at the lowest cost.

Industrial quality without the industrial price

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